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EBUSi Retail is helping many around the world to manage their wholesale & retail business. Let's get you on board!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? we have answered common ones below.

You will get FULL ACCESS with all the working features.

Yes, all future updates are FREE for 1st year!

At this time we are not providing such facility but yes our system works on local server (XAMPP/MAMP)

Barcode Scanner, barcode label printer, Receipt or Thermal Printer (Printer with ESC/POS commands)

EBUSi Retail has no relation with any kind of hardware. Mostly, the cash drawer gets open when the printer prints something. So, you have to look for a printer that is cash drawer supported.

80mm Receipt Printer Driver (Windows)

System: Windows System
Applicable Model: RP811/ RP812/ RP815/ RP325/ RP326/ RP327/ RP328/ RP820/ RP850/ RP330/ RP331/ RP332/ ACE H1/ ACE V1/ ACE V1S/ RP80/ RP802/ RP803/ RP804/ RP807/ RP808/ RP809/ RP80W/ RP335/ RP331A/ RP332A/RPP300

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